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Things I want to do

*Items in green are currently in progress. Items in purple are completed.

Things I want to do before 2012:

1. Get a passport

2. Lose 20 pounds to be at the optimal BMI for health

3. Finish my Master’s degree in Public Health – defense scheduled for Sept. 7, 2011!!  https://simplesaurus.wordpress.com/2011/09/11/masters-defense/

4. List 500 items in my jewelry shop online – http://biddysbeads.artfire.com

5. Celebrate Master’s degree with party

6. Donate, recycle, or get rid of 500 items that are cluttering my house

7. Create an address book with snail mail addresses for friends and use snail mail more often.

8. Begin a scrapbook for Demetrius and I. – I can’t believe I haven’t done this yet! I’ve saved a lot of things though!

9. Get my old cell phone cleared out and then donate it to someone that can use them. (Domestic violence shelter for women?)

10. Complete Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 program.

Things I want do before leaving Kentucky:

1. Visit Shaker Village

2. Visit Mammoth Cave

3. Visit Red River Gorge/Natural Bridge

4. Eat at 5 Lexington Restaurants that I haven’t been to

5. Versailles Castle

6. Camp at Lake Cumberland

Things I want to do someday:
1. Complete a triathlon.
2. Learn to play golf.
3. Learn to ski.
4. Go snorkeling.
5. Travel outside of the USA.
6. Go on a cruise.
7. Visit the Grand Canyon.
8. Visit the Galapagos Islands.
9. Have a child.
10. Adopt a child.
11. Beat my best 5K time of 27:10.
12. Beat my best marathon time of 5:41:18.
13. Get a complete makeover.
14. Learn something new daily for a year and blog it.
15. Ride a horse.
16. Visit Yellowstone Park.
17. Camp on the beach.
18. Be 1st author on a scientific manuscript.
19. Create a super organized crafting space.
20. Stop using plastic grocery bags.
21. Visit my childhood best friend, Louise.
22. See a pyramid.
23. See the Great Wall of China.
24. Go on a safari.
25. Go to a murder mystery dinner.
26. Volunteer for at least 5 different charitable causes.
27. Go whitewater rafting.
28. Sponsor a child.
29. Ride a moped.
30. Send a different friend a card or letter for 12 months.
31. Ride a camel.
32. Have 6 pack abs.
33. Learn to edit photos in photoshop or gimp (i.e. reduce shiny face, red eyes, etc).
34. Go to a drive in movie.
35. Learn to make a fire without matches.
36. Scuba dive.
37. Bottle feed puppies or kittens that have been orphaned.
38. Ride a zipline.
39. See a volcano.
40. Research my family tree as far back as possible and get a really cool family tree picture made.
41. Ride a segway.
42. Send a message in a bottle.
43. Help train/socialize a service dog.
44. Have a big garden and share the food.
45. Learn to can food.
46. Be a foster parent to a child.
47. Foster animals.
48. Play 20 questions with 20 friends to learn more about them.
49. Go geocaching.
50. Do 10 pullups.
51. Take my dogs somewhere and work with them until they aren’t afraid of the water and let them swim.
52. Play on a slip-and-slide.
53. Be the person up in the air at a VT football game.
54. Take a self defense class.
55. Ride on a sailboat.
56. Go on a retreat with close girl friends.
57. Take my husband on a surprise weekend getaway.
58. Host a Halloween costume party.
59. Pick berries at a berry farm.
60. Adopt 2 children from the Angel tree at Christmas and spend the day shopping for them with my husband.
61. Harvest honey.
62. Build a raised vegetable garden.
63. Take a trip with my brother – just the 2 of us.
64. Spend a day at a spa.
65. Shoot a gun at a shooting range.
66. Finish a 365 Photography Project.
67. Start a pay it forward chain.