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Long Bike Ride

It’s the little things in life that mean so much…like a 4 hour bike adventure with my husband. I love riding my bike. I love riding my bike with my husband even more. Yesterday we took a 30 mile bike ride exploring the local horse farms, Legacy Trail and then had lunch at a cute little market in downtown Lexington before heading back home. Here’s some pictures I took along the way:

I am horribly allergic to horses but they are so beautiful. I wish I could spend more time around them. I love this kind of horse…the ones with the spots. I always name them “Speckles”. 🙂 So there’s about 9542974 horses named Speckles around here in Lexington. haha

More beautiful horses!

Isn’t this a beautiful country road? I love it! So peaceful!

Overlooking I-75

Pretty Bridge on Legacy Trail

Just biking along. 🙂

Barn seen from Legacy Trail

Shorty’s Market – Lunch stop

The veggie panini was fabulous!!

Any store/restaurant this nice to the doggies wins my business! We shall stop there again. 🙂

Well what are you waiting for…grab your camera and go for an adventure then come share it with everyone! 🙂