Homemade Facewash : Wash your face with oil?!

 I have finicky skin. I break out so easily and have cystic acne. It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of facewash I use or how often…I still break out. My skin often gets all dry also because I use products to try to clear up the acne. Yesterday a coworker brought me a little present…homemade facewash. At first I was worried about it…ok I was really worried about it…I’m going to clean my pizza-face with oil?! That’s about like putting muddy water in the washer to wash my clothes! I won’t even try new kinds of makeup because I know there’s always the chance of a pizza-face disaster! But… I really liked the idea that I wasn’t putting weird chemicals on my face so I was brave and tried it…I mean how bad can it get, right?

 I put the oil solution on my face and rubbed it in. Then I warmed a washcloth and placed it over the oil until the washcloth cooled to room temperature. It steamed my face and felt awesome. After the cloth had cooled, I gently wiped away the oil solution. My skin felt so clean and tingly (probably from the tea tree oil) yet not squeaky clean. This morning I just used a warm washcloth to gently wipe my face! My face wasn’t oily this morning like I expected!  I’m halfway through the day and I don’t feel greasy (which was a major fear for me). I think this cleanser is a keeper! My skin has never felt so good…seriously! I’m so excited!



If you want to try it, here’s the recipe:

Normal skin : 1 tsp olive oil, 1 tsp castor oil, a couple drops of tea tree oil

Acne-prone/oily skin : 1 tsp olive oil, 2 tsp castor oil, a couple drops of tea tree oil

Dry skin: 2 tsp olive oil, 1 tsp castor oil, a couple drops of tea tree oil

Olive oil moisturizes, castor oil cleans, and tea tree oil is a natural antispetic that will help clear acne.

Choose your mixture above and mix it into a small squeeze bottle of jar of some kind. I’m using the normal skin one right now since that’s what my coworker brought me.  It seems good even on my acne prone skin.

Leave me a comment and tell me how it goes!


Clutter-free Work Desk

Today I tackled the clutter on my desk at work. Why do I want a clean desk? There are many reasons.

1)      I spend 40 hours a week at or near this desk and clutter is stressful which means I feel stressed about 40 hours a week whether I acknowledge it or not!

2)      Clean desks are less likely to have germs such as bacteria and viruses that can make you sick! If the top of your desk is clear, it’s easy to wipe it and clean it.

3)      A clutter free desk reduces stress and helps unclutter your mind.

4)      Whether we admit it or not, when we walk into an office, you judge the person based on what their office looks like…cluttered? Neat? Dirty? Etc.

5)      Clean desktops leave room for productivity and creativity.

It took about 10 minutes to clean my desk! That’s all! I tamed all the pens and pencils to their cup. Designated an area for the stapler, hole puncher, etc near the pencils, sorted the papers on my desk, then wiped down my desk with soap and water. I finally took all the things that were on my desk without a purpose and put them in my bag to take home for my donate box. Here’s what I got off my desk:

  • Cute little baseball piggybank… he’s cute but I never use him.
  • Trinket box that sits empty on my desk
  • Catalogs/flyers/brochures that aren’t relevant to our lab. Vendors are notorious for dropping off pieces of clutter for my desk! Grrr.
  • Dust bunnies that had accumulated against the wall (my desk is attached to the wall).

Simple Life – Clothes line

Recently, I’ve rediscovered the simple pleasure of hanging my clothes out to dry on a clothes line. Every time I hang out clothes, I think of playing in the sheets when I was a little girl and my Mamaw had them hanging out. Perhaps it’s those memories of her (she died many years ago) that make the clothesline so soothing to me.

We have a small backyard in the city, so here’s an idea for those of you with a similar dilemma in installing a clothes line. My clothesline was a simple, cheap alternative to the dryer. Walmart has cotton clotheslines for about $2 each and I bought a couple packs of screw-in rings ($2.50 each) to attach the ropes to our privacy fence. Clothes pins were $1. Total cost approximately $10. Wonder how long it will take to pay or itself (electric bill savings).

My husband hung the clothes line for me. He’s such a sweetiepie. 🙂 He drilled the tops of the posts so that the hooks can be removed without visible holes when we someday leave our house. I also like that we can simply untie the ropes when we have people over for a backyard gathering and the clothes line will be gone and out of the way.

For some tips to start line drying your clothes, check out this nice post from A Good and Simple Life.