Virginia Birth Card and a Passport

So…today I finally went to apply for a US passport. I’ve searched up all my documents to prove I am who I say I am…birth certificate card, social security card, driver’s license,  marriage license…etc etc…anything I could think of that they might want to see to prove I am indeed me, I took to the passport application office. I had a whole folder of awesome papers. 🙂 I make sure I have a checkbook because the office I went to doesn’t accept card payments. I’m all nervous double checking I have everything as I walk across campus (I work at a university) to the ID/passport application office.

I show up at the passport office and the lady working there is very nice. She’s quite  impressed that I brought all my papers and had my application filled out and ready. I try to tame my wild hair (it’s raining and windy here today) and smile for my passport photo.  Done! Then she’s checking over everything to make sure I didn’t forget to fill out anything or something.

That’s when it happened…

My VA birth card (it’s plastic and all cute) does not have my parents names on it. I have no idea why it doesn’t…that’s just what was issued back in the early 80’s when I was born. She points this out and says the passport office won’t accept the plastic card as my birth certificate because it’s not a “current” birth certificate. I couldn’t help but giggle and so did she when she realized she’d said “current” instead of updated because I was born a long time ago…of course the birth certificate isn’t current!

So anyways, I just spent the last 45 minutes tracking down the website and applying for a rushed birth certificate to prove I have parents. Don’t make the mistake I made…if you were born in VA (or elsewhere) and have a birth card instead of a birth certificate and it doesn’t have your parents names on it…go apply for a birth certificate. Mine ended up costing $51 because I need it pronto. It’d be much cheaper  if you don’t need it right away.

Here’s the website if you have a VA birth card and need to apply for a VA birth certificate…


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